Today EXIM group is a leading, globally reputed brand in Logistics & Supply Chain management. It is involved in multiple business verticals like International Logistics Solutions, Customs Broking, Transportation, Export-Import, and Merchandising & Trading. As a group, its aim is to achieve a vision of “Think Logistics, Think Exim”

“One must be able to envisage what's next and have the agility to evolve.”

Jayesh Jain is the Founder of Exim Group of Companies. His vision and strategic direction have powered the group’s business expansion and success stories. Today the group is a leading, globally reputed brand in International Logistics & Supply Chain management. His mindful business diversifications highlight his well-planned, consistent, and strategic approach that leverages business insights, expertise, and core strengths and aspirations of the group.

Whether it’s from product ideation to final product delivery, the EXIM group of companies execute it in entirety. It manages a complete integrated international business trade cycle including procurement, manufacturing, trading, export, import, freight forwarding, shipping, consolidation, marketing, distribution, and up to last-mile delivery.

He attributes his growth as a young business professional to two key aspects of human nature, Attitude and Enthusiasm. These qualities reflect across his organizations and through the multiple touch points of stakeholders.

“Exim Transtrade (India) Pvt. Ltd.”

Exim Transtrade is the flag ship company of the group and has been providing a complete range of International Logistics Solutions to its customers. The company has established a large network by integrating their domain business expertise with global strategic alliances to deliver world class customer focused solutions,since 1994.

The company’s network connects all the major gateway ports of the globe across various sectors of North America, Europe/CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) destinations, South & Central America, Africa, China, Far East & Australia, Asia, Gulf & Red Sea.

The company delights its customers with its cutting-edge capabilities and care. A dependable and trusted partner for the first mile to last-mile logistical supply chain management offering various Logistics solutions like International Freight Forwarding, Customs Broking, Shipping & Consolidation, Road Transport, Door to Door Logistics, Cargo Insurance, and various allied services pertaining to the logistics & supply chain management. Connecting businesses through Air, Land, and Sea, the company, as a leading brand in the International Logistics Industry, has its offices and associates across India and the world.

“Priya Global”

Priya Global is one of the largest and fastest growing Exporters – Importers - Traders worldwide where our products offerings contains and exhaustive list including everything from Food-to-Food Toppings and from Household to Health Care. Complementing our own branded products, we carry many agency lines, acting as both exclusive and nonexclusive agents for brands.

In a fast-changing world aided by innovations and technology, markets have become borderless and global. Almost every product can be ordered from anywhere in the world. Priya Global has firmly positioned itself in this area of opportunity, connecting global markets. It is one of the largest and fastest growing ‘Exporters – Importers –Traders business aggregator.

With a product range that is widespread and exhaustive including everything from Food and Food Toppings to Household and Health Care, Priya Global is the crucial business link for many global agencies, both exclusive and non-exclusive andat the same time carries its own range of products. The company’s services include merchant selection, procurement and consolidation, marketing and distribution, Export trading, Import trading, Supply chain management.

“The company prides itself on its specialization in developing efficient international supply chain solutions that connect the ever-growing dots of suppliers and consumers.”


Vibranic is a global partner to merchandisers and traders providing quality products and services with complete Logistics and distribution support. With its unique product offerings and an extensive network of business operations and collaborations, it have garnered a strategic competitive edge in the market globally. Be it Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, North America, South America or the Middle East, it is competent to deliver goods throughout the globe.

Vibranic has developed extensive global network of manufacturers for the manufacturing of exclusive product range for Vibranic and its brands, to meet the customer’s requirements and strives to provide the highest quality products and services at the most competitive price.

Vibranic also represents many leading manufacturers and suppliers on an international scale. Honesty, integrity, and value are what our company’s reputation is built upon. It puts its best foot forward to be the most efficient and specialized company in the industry. Company’s products range includes Household, Glassware and Porcelainware, Foodstuff, FMCG, Eco-friendly, Polypropylene, Tiles & Sanitaryware, and many more. Along with the Distribution of the products and services, the company also engages in the 3 PL Logistics, door to door logistics service for its customers. Recently the company has expanded its wings into the Hospitality Industry.


Mynaturale is the group’s foray into creating their own range of healthy food for their local and global customers. The motto is to retain maximum nutrients in the food through special farming process and deliver food that is safe, conventional and in their natural form. The company’s purpose is to cater to social wellbeing of humanity through the food we intake and is rooted in the ancient proverb, “Health is wealth”.

The extensive product line includes Fruit pulp, healthy snacks, healthy drinks, tea, fresh fruits, frozen food, rice and pulses. Brand Naturale symbolises pure and real. The products are high on energy, protein, vitamins, antioxidants, fiber and minerals. The world is moving towards healthy eating. Over the decades, Mynaturale has demonstrated its high standards of quality offerings and has won hearts of its growing customers.