Jayesh Jain’s life is an amazing and inspiring story of a self-made man and a journey of a man who started young, chalked his vision, and steadily climbed to achieve it, with humility, focus, and best of efforts. Success had to follow.

“Don’t worry about being successful “instead work towards” being significant and success will naturally follow.”

As Founder, Chairman & Managing Director of EXIM group, he leads his company ahead to higher milestones. He continues to contribute to humanity and believes in holistic, inclusive, and sustainable growth.

Throughout his commendable journey from a teenager to a visionary, he has nurtured a balance of professional growth and social purpose, which is immensely inspiring to both young and mature people.

Jayesh Jain is a person with humble family beginnings who has grown to become a legendary business personality, an impactful philanthropist, a people’s leader, and an inspiring figure for young entrepreneurs.

“If you can dream it,
You can achieve it “

He started his career in a reputed Shipping organization at a very junior position. He worked a long hours job everyday day completing his education at the same time. His sharp business acumen saw him enter his first venture as a partner at the young age. His valuable inputs as a partner alongside other partners, contributed to significant business growth.

This marked the start of his illustrious entrepreneurial journey, who then forayed into the vast international logistics & supply chain management Industry. An industry of global opportunities.

“Attitude and enthusiasm are two sides of the coin called success”.

In 1994, Mr. Jayesh Jain founded Exim Group of Companies. An organization that is globally known for its International Logistics & Supply Chain services. Under his leadership, the organization continues to grow from strength to strength, and expand into a leading brand in the International Logistics Industry specializing in Exports & Imports with a presence across domestic, national & international geographies with a strong hold across Asia, the USA, Africa, and the Middle East.

The team at Exim under his vision and leadership is credited with innovative and technology-enabled services to its varied customers, for close to three decades now and is regarded as a role model for business innovation and customer-centricity in the industry.

“Life is all about striving and growing I don’t want to stop at ‘made it’, I want to continue making it!”

His success stands out as glorious for the unique values that form the very foundation of his life. He is a man of ideals and ethics, a visionary and futurist, a learner for life, and a great leader to his teams. His ability to create success holistically across dimensions of personal, professional, and social is truly special. His is a story that others want to read and be inspired to create their own success stories.

“Success is simple
It’s doing what's right, the right way, at the right time.”

Jayesh Jain holds responsible positions in several social organisations that are committed to helping people across areas of environment, housing, healthcare, education, philanthropy and spiritual growth.

Shree Bhagchand Damji Jain &
Smt. Bharatiben Bhagchand Damji Jain

Jayesh Jain was born and brought up in Mumbai with principles of honesty, ethics, oneness, and humanity. These were rooted in him through his childhood by his doting parents, Shri. Bhagchand Damji Jain and Smt. Bharatiben Bhagchand Jain. Jayesh Jain continues to foster the spirit of oneness within his family as well as in his areas of work be it professional or social.

He credits his brothers Mr.Pragnesh Jain & Mr.Lokesh Jain for being his pillars of strength and support. And his wife Mrs.Heena Jayesh Jain and children Priya Jain & Jugal Jain for their affection.

Jayesh Jain & Heena Jain

Priya Jain

Jugal Jain

Pragnesh Jain & Heena Jain

Karan Jain

Lakshit Jain

Lokesh Jain & Bijal Jain

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